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Learn Everything About Blogging From scratch to End and Start Earning Online.

Everything About Blogging

Learn Everything You Need to start, create, manage and grow your dream Blog.

No-Code Website Development

This course gives you complete idea about Designing Search Engine friendly Mobile responsive Website.

Effective Content Writing

Effective Content is as important for drives search engine results, increases traffic to your page and establishes your organization as an industry leader.

No. 01 Ranking SEO Techniques

We teach you how to get your website rank No. 01 on different search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Image, Audio and Video Editing

This courses train you in understanding how images, words, symbols, letters , Audio and Video can be used as effective means of visual impression in blog .

Online Earning with Zero Investment

We guide you scratch to end how to earn by doing Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce Sales , Lead Generation and Online Advertising.

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Book and Video Lecture support me lot to “Find my Blogging Mistake” and Correcting it. This is the first time i have buy any Blogging book and I wonder after reading this book and watching the video Lecture i become “”Zero to Hero” in Blogging Business.

Sulekha Kashyap

This course has provided me “All in one Blogging Solution” like posting editing and earning, etc.  I was hear the word blogging but I was not know anything, but after Joining the Course i am able to start my own blogging business from home.

Divyesh Jain

Want To Master Blogging By Implementing?

THANK YOU! Your free blogging corse is ready for you. Till you are deciding please see earning on some sites that answer your biggest question about blogging...

Earning Report Proof of some of My Sites

Sites 1 earning

Maximum Earning For 1000 Page View From India = $ 91.46

Average Earning For 1000 Page View From India = $ 5.12

Keyword Idea and 1 Ads Click Earning of Some of Subdomain

Subdomain 1

Subdomain 2

Subdomain 3

Subdomain 4

Subdomain 5

Subdomain 6

Subdomain 7


Sites 2 earning

Maximum Earning For 1000 Page View From India = $ 5.78

Average Earning For 1000 Page View From India = $ 2.52

Keyword Idea and 1 Ads Click Earning of Some of Subdomain

Subdomain 1

Subdomain 2

Subdomain 3

Subdomain 4

Note: Please Mention, For Indian Blogger, We have included the earning of India Only.

Let’s Calculate:

Site 1: Dollor 2487.26
Site 1: Dollor 1101.48
Total: Dollor 3588.74

(We take 1 Dollor = Rs 70)

Calculate in Indian Rupees=  Dollor 3588.74* Rs. 70 = Rs. 2,51,211.8

Expense = Approx. Rs. 1,00,000

So, Net Income: Rs. 2,51,211.8 – Rs. 1,00,000 =

Rs. 1,51,211.8 ~~ Approx Equal to 1,50,000


30 Day’s Blogging Challenge Day 1 To 30

Bloggering Scientifically Engineered For Greater Profit Potential

Selection of Blogging Topics: Day 01 to Day 05

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • How Digital Marketing Helps Business To Grow
  • Help you to Understand Marketing Budget by Industry, So that You will be able to Choose Your Blog’s Niche Based on Market Factors, Not Your Passions.
  • Help you to Find Your Maximum Success Rate blog idea, according to You, Your Situation, Your Knowledge and Market Demand.
  • Google Analytics and Google Adwords Overview and its use in Blogging.
  • Introduction of Useful Software and its use in Blogging
  • Desktop or Mobile or Both Setup Guide like a Professional Blogger.

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